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CRI Genética Brasil is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International, and follows the same philosophy of the american headquarter: deliver excellence, innovation and values through products and services offered to the customers.

Established in Brazil since June 2005 , CRI is based in São Carlos (SP), and has branch offices in Belo Horizonte (MG), Castro (PR), Goiânia (GO) and Porto Alegre (RS). The company is one of the leaders in the artificial insemination market in the country, and operates with a focus on selling quality genetics of taurine and zebu breeds to produce milk and beef.

Besides the imported genetic, which is carried out over 80 countries, CRI also provides the best Gir Leiteiro, Girolando, Guzerá, Nelore, Bonsmara, Braford, Senepol and other domestic bulls , that excel in production and genetic enhancement.

CRI’s Brasil field staff is highly qualified, and consists of more than 160 veterinarians, animal scientists and technicians, distributed throughout the nationwide. These professionals are submitted to constant trainning, with the objective of being always ready and updated to meet the customer’s needs through a technical custom treatment and excellence in service.

Constantly evolving, CRI Genética overcame 195% of growth from 2009 to 2014, and was recognized by Dinheiro Rural maganize as the 4th best in financial management and 5th best in corporate management, being the only selected company of the artificial insemination and genetics segment. CRI also received an international recognition, with a published article in January’s 2015 edition of Holstein International magazine.

Internationalization of Brazilian Genetics

CRI’s Brasil internationalization process consolidates and strengthens from customer’s recognition, in many countries. In 2015, the company started attending and supllying genetic material to Uruguai, Argentina, Bolivia and Costa Rica, and plans to expand, in the next years, to all countries in Latin America that maintain a protocol with Brazil. CRI Brasil is also ready to provide many countries in Asia and Africa with Brazil’s improved genetic material of Gir Leiteiro, Guzerá, Sindi and Nelore breeds, native from that region.

The genetic material available to export, in a first moment, is Gir Leiteiro, Girolando, Guzerá , Sindi, Nelore and Bonsmara semen. In a second stage, embryos from Gir Leiteiro and other breeds will be available.

Global level recognition

CRI is known worldwide for its excellence in genetic material. With the international operation, CRI Brasil offers to neighboring countries important solutions of outcross for purebred herds, and also necessary tools for crossbreeding in dairy and beef.

In addition to serve customers who visit or make contact with the company, CRI’s internationalization broadens the base of new customers, that now have the expertise and distribution network of the multinational. The products and services gain competitive advantages, generating international landmarks to the country and profitability to company and partners.

Be a global provider of animal genetics aiming at increasing productivity in dairy and beef herds. Deliver our customers much more than quality semen, offering reliable products and services, besides practical solutions for each emerging demand. Our mission make us different, and gives visibility to our customer’s results.

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